It's National Radio Day.  A day that people in radio can look back on their career and realize how far they have come, and sometimes look at some of the mishaps and also the fun they have had.  A common description is that it is the most fun job you will have without making you rich.  And even given that, it's a job you will look forward to doing every day.  It's the only job I've had where I actually look forward to coming back to after being gone on vacation.

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With that said...I also don't know of that many people that have been doing this for any extended period of time that don't have some kind of an embarrassing story.  Something that happened to them while on the job.   I actually have at least two of those that I can think of.

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The first happened while I worked at my current job... the first time.  My morning show partner and I were introducing a few bands out at Halfway Jam, some may remember that fun festival that is no longer.  Bummer on that one.  But this was like the second year that the festival was held.  At that time they didn't have wireless mics to use like most festivals do now.  We had to use the band's mics that are already set up and it's a huge no-no to touch those after they have been set.  So, Baxter, my morning show partner grabs the one that is at his height.  The other one that is live is super short... like I would have had to bend down a bit to actually use the thing.  People are yelling at me "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!", "TURN YOUR MIC UP!", "SPEAK  INTO THE MIC!", I mean it was embarrassing.  Especially when I had only been doing this for like a year or two.  I walk off the stage and I'm just going off about how short the mic is and "who is that short? Is the person a midget?"  We happened to be introducing Blue Oyster Cult and the mic that I was using was Buck Dharma's.  He was waiting off stage to go on... and heard everything that I said.  He looked at me and said "that's my mic".  I could have just died right there.  Oy!

Onto a few years later... I was working in Fargo for a country station.  It was our job to introduce bands for the Red River Valley Fair.  These were usually up and coming bands who maybe had a new album out or sometimes even just one single.  This time it was a new band by the name of The Zac Brown Band.  We were back stage talking with them and taking some pictures.  Our Program Director, who was/is a huge Zac Brown fan asked what they next single was going to be.  Zac said it would be Highway 20 Ride.  Great song.  I also had their first album The Foundation, and listened to it a lot.  Also a big fan, already.  So I said... knowingly...that I really loved their song that I couldn't remember the name of... "the one that talks about the police chasing your around". Zac looked at me confused and said "which one"?  I was like "I can't remember... but I think it's the second track. Something about the police". He's still looking at me confused and asked if I was sure I was listening to their music.  HELLO!  I was like "Yeah, I'm sure... I love you guys!"  He just looks at me like I have 2 heads.  And says... "Uh... ok, thanks!"  I'm sure that I have this right, and when I get back to my car, because I of course have the CD in there.  I look to see what the song is and it's called "Where the Boat Leaves From".  OMG!!  Misheard lyrics!  No wonder he had no idea what I was talking about.  Derrrrrrrr!

Zac Brown Band RRVF

Anyway, this job has allowed me some pretty cool opportunities and it gets better and better.  Even though I fell into this job by chance, it's been a great career.

Happy National Radio Day!!  And thanks for listening.

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