This game seems like it's been around for several years.  It's just that now we are bringing attention to it.


Here's the play... usually women, but it could be a guy too. It just happens to usually be done by women, give out sexual "favors" to their significant other for doing chores around the house.

Romance isn’t dead. It just has to do the dishes.

“Choreplay” — exchanging chores for sex — is on the rise and making waves on social media. Wives are cheekily coupling the hashtag #choreplay with images of perfectly tidied playrooms and freshly mopped floors to show that their husbands have been busy around the house — and they’re about to get busy in bed as a reward.

I feel like hey, if it works, then why not, right?  If this is what needs to be done to get some help around the house, so be it.  And...what guy wouldn't go along with this, right?