I ran across this article and I was super curious.  As a member of the Gen X clan, I grew up in the 80s and was wondering what would make it better than it is now.  I have to say, I actually agree with most of these.  Especially number 1.


Here is the breakdown of the top 7 reasons why Thanksgiving was better in the 80s:

1.  There were no cell phones.  No one was glued to a screen at the table.  I will admit that sometimes that person is me.  No one trying to get the perfect photo of food, or video something or whatever happens now.  People were all living in the moment.

2.  No one was counting carbs.  Nope!!  I didn't even know that was a thing then.  Like I didn't know you could gain weight.  In fact, I never even thought about my weight then.  It really didn't change much and I never stepped on a scale except at the Dr. once a year.  And for the most part, it was maybe only varying about a pound or so from year to year.  So, a win there!

3.  Remembering your parents and Grandparents prepare the meal.  There was sense of slowing down and enjoying even though you didn't always necessarily like everything that they made.  (green bean casserole for me- eeww).

4.  Thanksgiving was a labor of love, mostly because we seemed to have more time instead of running in a bunch of different directions with so many kids activities that everyone seems to have to go to.  Every. Single. Time.

5.  The Food!  There wasn't all the worrying about allergies and certain food sensitivities like there is now.  Lettuce never was contaminated, or at least if it was, we didn't know about it and everyone seemed to get along just fine.  No one thought about it.

6.  We Didn't Have to do the Work.  Let's face it, we were kids and we just got to sit down and enjoy. Win!!

7.  Stores will all closed on Thanksgiving. AND Black Friday didn't seem completely crazy like it does now.  No one was fighting over this or that.  Or, at least it wasn't as public as it is now when that happens.  BUT...there was a big ol' line outside of certain stores to get the latest whatever... like Target.

If you were a kid in the 80s what is your favorite memory?


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