This is a pretty cool thing.  I don't know of a lot, or any other stadiums that have a room like this.  US Bank Stadium is adding a sensory room.  And this is what they say it will be used for:

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Designed by KultureCity, a non-profit based in Birmingham, Alabama, the sensory room caters to fans with autism, down syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia and other conditions requiring a safe and soothing atmosphere. The space will allow individuals, regardless of their ability, to enjoy amenities at U.S. Bank Stadium confidently, knowing they have a quiet space to retreat to for a break, as needed. Partnering with Fraser Pediatric Therapy, the room will be staffed with two licensed behavioral specialists for every Vikings home game.

If you want to know where this room is located, I do have specifics as well.

Formerly the HCMC 3M First-Aid Station, the room is located on the Upper Concourse near the southwest escalator behind section 346.

This is going to be ready in time for the 2019 regular season.  So if you, or someone you know needs this service, it's there for you. Plus, there are noise cancelling headphones included.

Minnesota Vikings

If you or anyone you know needs these types of things, you know how cool this addition is.

 Another reason the Vikings are my fave!!!  SKOL!