It was one of those blizzardy Minnesota nights on January 19, 1988 and a mother is waiting for her daughter, Susan, to return from her job at Kmart. She should have been home by now.

Susan Swedell, 19, left her job to attempt to get home that night in blizzard conditions. On the way home Susan had car trouble and pulled into a service station. She asked the attendant if it was okay to leave here car in the parking lot for the night because it wasn't running right.

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The attendant told her she could but would have to move her vehicle to the corner of the lot because it had to be out of the way when the snow removal people came.

Susan moved her car to the corner of the lot and the service station attendant saw her get into a car with a man and leave. The attendant thought the car might have been a Ford Galaxy or maybe a Ford LTD.


In the meantime, Susan's mother called the Washington County Sheriff's Department to seek help in locating her daughter. The sheriff's deputy retraced Susan's route from the Kmart store and found her car in the lot of Kern's North Star Station. It was locked and the service station was closed. The sheriff's deputy continued to the Swedell home looking for any sign of Susan along the way.

It's been 34 years and still no sign of Susan Swedell. There has been a $25,000 reward for information in locating Susan but still no clues to work on.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office has decided to take a different approach in hopefully obtaining information about Susan's disappearance. They are taking to social media to get the word out more often.

"We came about this idea to try something different, try to generate talk all day long… not just once," explained Washington County Sheriff Dan Starry. "If you’re on during the day on social media, you’ll see it, if you’re on at lunchtime, you’ll see it, dinnertime, or at night."

Hopefully, they will get a break in the case. Like they say "Somebody knows something."

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