This has been the talk for almost the entire year.  At least since the first set of stimulus checks went out last  April.  April for most people. If you hadn't  filed your 2019 taxes by that time, or if you didn't have a direct deposit account on record, the time was a bit delayed. And since that time, there has been talk of a second stimulus check.  That time is now here.

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I'm a little on the fence on this.  There are people who fall into the category that qualifies for the stimulus money, but do you need it?  I know that sounds like "duh, yeah we need it", but think of it this way... small businesses that have been shut down definitely need it.  Employees that  have been out of work because of the shut down, and are on unemployment probably need it depending on their financial situation.  But people who fall into the income category to receive the stimulus money and have been working since the pandemic... do they need it?  Where exactly is the money coming from?  These are just the questions that I have.  But it's coming.  How much? And when can we expect the extra... or needed cash, in some cases?

How much seems to still be a question.  $600 for individuals making under $75,000 and $1200 for couples making less than $150,000 is what the amount is right now.  But, there is another bill for $2000 that is still a possibility.  We will have to wait and see later today, possibly.  As for when we can expect the stimulus check; last time it took about 3 weeks after the bill was approved.  This time it could be faster.  Again, it's a bit of a waiting game.  Hopefully we will know later today, or for sure by the end of the week.

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