We have been so concerned about porch pirates stealing our Amazon packages of our doorsteps and now we have to worry if they'll even make it to the front door. Thieves are hijacking Amazon delivery vans in St Paul.

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This has to be pretty scary for delivery personnel. Imagine having to worry if the car following you is going to somehow hijack your delivery van, full of packages, possibly violently.

In St Paul , the other day, a driver noticed a dark colored SUV following his delivery van on Bush Ave in St. Paul. He stepped out of the van to make a delivery and someone from the SUV following him jumped into the van and sped off.

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According to KARE 11, soon after people were were spotted unloading an Amazon van and putting the packages into a dark colored SUV in the vicinity of York Ave.  Luckily, someone got the license number of the SUV, police tracked down the owner of the SUV and found several packages that were stolen from the Amazon van.

Another Amazon Van was hijacked about 24 hours later. This time at gunpoint. the driver told police the suspect told the driver "You still got your job, you want to keep your life, jump out".  It's unclear whether the two incidents are related.

Police say there was an arrest made. Is it going to get to the point where armed guard need to ride along with delivery drivers?

(KARE 11)

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