We've all heard this before... dust mites, bed bugs, yada, yada, yada.... well, how bad is it?  And no, it's not just having a dog in the bed.  Although it's probably a good idea NOT to have them in bed with you... especially while eating.  Full disclosure- my little dog generally sleeps with us.  But he's cute!!!

Still not a good idea.

Is it JUST the bed that's the problem??

boots on a bed

Unfortunately, no.  How about a poop covered toothbrush??  What??  Yes, you read that correctly.  How far away from the toilet does it need to be?

You HAVE to check out this story and see just what you may want to do for this winter.  And I agree- it shouldn't be this cold yet.  My goodness!!!!  It was 15 degrees this morning in St. Cloud.  Not right at all... so while you might be hibernating this winter, maybe do some MAJOR cleaning!!

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