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  • Producer Sandy Pearlman, who worked with The Clash and Blue Oyster Cult died at the age of 72. Pearlman suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in December.
  • Both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have confirmed that their marriage is still alive, after all the drama surrounding the couple from a few months ago.
  • The plaintiff suing Led Zeppelin claiming Zeppelin plagiarized the “Stairway to Heaven” intro has sent in an appeal, after a judge had found them not guilty.
  • Paul Simon made a surprise appearance at the Democratic National Convention last night, and performed the famous single "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

Honestly, I love both Ozzy AND Sharon Osbourne as individuals. And, I am happy to see that after 34 years of marriage (and struggles) they still pull through everything.

Also, some band suing Led Zeppelin over something so trivial is amazing to me. Led Zeppelin is in my top 5 favorite bands of all time, and they have paved the way for many artists after them. To suggest they stole something is ludicrous.

Paul Simon is a devote democrat. Him performing a song for the convention last night doesn't really surprise me either.

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