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Check out the headlines HERE:

  • If you are a big Peter Gabriel fan, you can expect a new DVD along with other videos and digital formats based on feature performances from the early ’00s. Expect all this on September 16th.
  • Dee Snider's granddaughter Parker Pryde Snider made her early debut along Interstate 405, which runs from Irvine to San Fernando through Los Angeles. She was literally born on a Los Angeles highway.
  • Eric Clapton caught a HUGE salmon while fly-fishing in Iceland. The salmon weighed about 28 pounds.
  • Axl Rose had problems with his piano while performing in Houston last Friday (8.5.16).

Okay, I too am a huge Peter Gabriel fan. Can't wait for more videos of that amazing man!

And I definitely am jealous of Eric's huge salmon. If his rock and roll career doesn't pan out, at least he could make a few bucks with those fishing skills.

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