With the holiday season basically upon us, we, as a society seem to be running in about 1000 different directions.  The things that we should probably get done kind of get pushed to the side.  We say 'we don't have time for that'.  But in reality, it's really about time management.

Leukos, Getty Imahes
Leukos, Getty Imahes


A person will generally make time for whatever you really want to make time for.  If it's something that seems like it can be pushed off to another time, it generally will get delayed.

This is the list of things that people will generally say they don't have time for:

1. Exercising.  Of course that is going to be the first one to take a powder.  Commitment.

2.  Reading.

3.  Spending time outdoors.  It's cold out... unless you are into that sort of thing, stay in.

4.  Spending time with family.  I'm guessing this one means mostly extended family.

5.  Sorting through your old junk.  This takes effort, and you never really know how long it's going to take, and how involved you will be, so why start this project?

6.  Yard work.  Because... yuck.

7.  Cooking from scratch.  Because why?  When some other stuff tastes just as good...nowadays.

8.  Catching up with friends.  Seems like you should be doing something more important??

9.  Deep cleaning your home.  Again- you never know how involved you are going to get in this one... surface cleaning seems like it's easier, and "good enough".

10.  Watching movies.  Too much time lost... it's a commitment.

What do you put off that you maybe shouldn't?

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