Have you ever had one of those days when what you think you are going to say is completely different than what comes out your mouth?


A friend of mine had that happen to her this weekend.  This is what happened to her....

We were at a restaurant after a day of a brewery tour.  So, there were some adult beverages involved.  She was ordering some food at a restaurant when there was a discussion of getting chips with her sandwich or if she would like to upgrade to the fries.  After some thought, she says very matter-of-fact "I'd like to upgrade to sex".  Wait... WHAT??!!  The waiter just looked at her and was kind of "uhh...ok".  We asked him later what he wrote down and he said he had written "fries".

This poor kid, who was probably like 18 at best had a story to tell his friends.  "This lady who's like my mom just said she wanted to upgrade to sex".

I guess I didn't realize there was a secret menu at this restaurant... like the Starbucks secret menu you need to ask about.  Eyes Wide Shut, people!

Haven't laughed like that in a long time... thanks for the humor chicka!