Thanksgiving is looking a bit strange this year.  And since we are being  restricted to 10 people, and only from 3 households, there may be people that are preparing a Thanksgiving meal that have never done this before.  Let's not get into the fact that this 10 people thing, or quite honestly, they want less than that- only in your own  household, is not going to be enforced.  Let's just say that it's going to be a bit different.

Food Bank In Area Hard Hit By Wildfires Donates Turkeys Ahead Of Thanksgiving
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There is also a shortage of smaller turkeys this year.  Like the 20 pounders that people would normally buy for a large gathering isn't happening as much this year for obvious reasons.

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But  if you are one of those people who is doing Thanksgiving  for the first time, and you are concerned that your turkey isn't going to turn out, Whole Foods is offering some "turkeysurance".  Here's the deal:

Now, there is some eligibility requirements as well.  First, you do need to purchase a turkey from Whole Foods between now and the 22nd of November.  If there is a "turkey fail" then you can submit your claim on a special website just for this service.

Now, I realize that in order to get your turkey from Whole Foods you will have to go onlline, or just drive to Maple Grove.  That is the closest Whole Foods store.  But, if you are really unsure about your skills, this might be totally worth the 40 minute drive from St. Cloud.

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