We all learn lessons as we go through life.  This guy learned the hard way, no pun intended, that it's not a good idea to cheat on your wife. And it's a really bad idea to cheat on her with her meth dealer.


Christina Palmer Anderson told police she had been planning her revenge since she caught her husband having sex with her meth dealer. She even went so far as to sharpen her teeth with a nail file to make it easier to bite his "bits" off.


After luring him into bed, she proceeded to bite off his stuff with her newly sharpened teeth. After, she went out into the living room to smoke some meth. Her husband lay bleeding profusely in his bed. He managed to call 911 before losing consciousness.

When St Louis police and paramedics arrived she was arrested and her husband hospitalized in serious condition. He will need extensive reconstructive surgery.

Christina Anderson will face charges of first degree domestic assault, attempted man slaughter (there's a manhood slaughter joke here somewhere) and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia.

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