So I'm all set to go for my 'Biggest Loser Challenge' starting on Monday, and started to get familiar with the gym again today. This video depicts everything that is NOT what my facility is all about!

I've set a goal for myself to lose about 30 pounds in this competition that you've heard me talking about on the radio. For years I've had a gym membership and seen it all in the past. This video is pretty close to what I've been used to seeing on a regular basis at most gyms. Fortunately, I saw none of this bru-ha-ha crap going on at the facility in prep for this challenge.

I'm there to workout and get in shape, no distractions. It's not a fashion or gun show, and I'm pretty pleased from what I've seen so far. If you see this kind of clientele at your gym, maybe it's time to look for another...unless you're there for that reason!