You read that correctly. There are robot ethicists who claim that sex with robots will be detrimental to society. As if there aren't plenty of other things that will be detrimental to society, such as:

  • the dying bee population
  • presidential debates
  • Bon Jovi

But I digress...whatever that means.

Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing have taken it upon themselves to convince the world that bangin' 'bots will bring on the apocalypse.

Their website claims that "sex robots further objectifies women and children. (What about men?! Like the guy with the robo penis). They also "propose that the development of sex robots will further reduce human empathy that can only be developed by an experience of mutual relationship."


This guy would be downright painful...                                           Credit: Getty Images North America

Their hatred of paid-for hanky-panky does crossover to being against Amnesty International's call to decriminalize human sex work.

These two sound like they haven't attended enough swinger parties.

Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself: What Would Bender Do?

This all stems from the current manufacturing of Roxxxy, a full-size interactive sex doll, with 4,000 Roxxxys already pre-ordered.

I say: THIS IS AMERICA! If I want to pay for a sex robot, that's MY BUSINESS!

Not that I want to...

Robot three-ways...THAT'S the future!!                                         Credit: Getty Images North America

H/T: Gizmodo