Every year, the people who put these things together come up with these cost based on who knows what prices?  This year we are hosting 7 people, and it seems like this cost is a bit low, but maybe I'm over-shooting that a bit.. maybe.

Thanksgiving Dinner

According to a study done by the American Farm Bureau Federation, the cost to serve 10 people this Thanksgiving should be $48.91.  Seriously??  Where are these people shopping???  This is what is included in that price...

Their dinner includes a 16-pound turkey . . . stuffing . . . sweet potatoes . . . rolls with butter . . . peas . . . cranberries . . . a veggie tray . . . pumpkin pie with whipped cream . . . milk . . . and coffee.

First of all.. peas?  Yuck!  Plus, most people would probably do 2 veggies, one usually includes corn.  Secondly, there are usually 2 choices of pie (at least) not everyone likes pumpkin.  And I also feel like there would be more appetizers other than a veggie tray.  The American Farm Bureau Federation must not be in the Midwest.  Just sayin'.

How many people are you having at your Thanksgiving?  Do you think this is an accurate number?


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