Sunday was national pet day.  And we were all to celebrate our pets.  I saw so many pictures of people's pets, mostly dogs.  Some cats and a few birds.  But really, mostly dogs.  There were dogs of all sizes, but the ones that I saw the most were labs, yorkies, and shi-tzus.  I've also seen "designer" mix of a few small dogs.  Even a mixture of some larger dogs seems fairly popular.  I'm looking at you- golden.doodle, labra-doodle owners.


You know what I didn't see?  The supposed most popular dog in Minnesota.  According to this site, the most popular dog in Minnesota is an English Springer Spaniel.  Frankly, I don't know of anyone who has this specific dog.  Not that there aren't people here who have them, I just don't know anyone who does.  I walk my dog a lot, go to the vet, been all over the state with our dogs, and haven't seen any of those dogs.  And honestly, when you have a dog, people who love dogs will come up to you. Total strangers will want to see, pet and talk about your dog.  That's why I'm noticing their dogs as well.

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According to dog sites- the English Springer Spaniel is great as a family dog as well as a hunting dog.  That is what they are bred to do, flush out the birds so they will fly and be a better target for a hunter. Maybe this is why I'm not noticing that these dogs are super popular- I don't hunt.

Have you seen a lot of people owning these dogs?

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