It's Lame Joke Friday!  Seems like we just had a Lame Joke Friday and suddenly it's back again.

Each week John comes in with some jokes that he always says are the "best".  We are the judges of that statement.  Usually the jokes are terrible.  But he continues to come into the studio each Friday with his "jokes".  I will admit that sometimes they are better than other times.  Sometimes they are just downright terrible.  And other times he does deliver some that are at least mildly humorous.

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This week Johnny U came into the studio armed with his "Irish" jokes.  This is going to be the theme for the next couple of weeks.  Since St. Patrick's Day is on a Wednesday, might as well take advantage of the fact that we can celebrate for two weeks.

Today he delivered the first joke (with a fairly decent Irish accent) about a jacka**.  The second joke had to do with a liquor store that was closed.  There is a twist at the end of the that joke that you will have to wait for... but with that, here are this weeks offerings.

What did you think?  Maybe he has a future in impressions?  He does play a fairly decent leprechaun, and he kind of looks like one too, right?  Ok, I might be kidding about that last part.  But next week be ready for a couple more Irish jokes.  He's promised us that will be what's  happening for next week's delivery. Two whole weeks of Irish jokes.  And what's more funny than an Irish joke... or two?

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