If you're like me, you likely have Led Zeppelin's catalog on vinyl, CD, the first and second boxed set. You also own How the West was Won and Celebration Day on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, but now Led Zeppelin's entire catalog is getting the deluxe treatment. 

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page talked to Rolling Stone Magazine recently and in the interview, he spilled the beans about the fact that Led Zeppelin's catalog is getting a once over. Again. Jimmy says that there will be "added sonic and visual thrills".

This is going to be great.

There wasn't really any extra bonus material or unreleased tracks that were done for the "new" albums, but there were some leftovers that didn't make it on to any of their other albums, including Coda. Jimmy said that even though there are no real "new" songs, the re-issue will have alternate takes and remixes of some of their songs. Jimmy adds that even though the fans may own everything the band ever did, they will be surprised at what the remaining Led Zeppelin members come up with, clarifying, "it will be fascinating for people to witness the work in progress." He admits that they experimented with some of their sound and they're also tweaking the live footage from Knebworth and Earl's Court for the bonus material.

No word on when the deluxe re-issue will be in stores, but Jimmy is hoping it's "sooner rather than later", and that he and the rest of the group have to be "in agreement" about everything. At least they didn't part on bad terms, so this really may happen sooner rather than later. The one thing that stops me from jumping out of my skin with excitement is that we waited five years for Celebration Day and that was just one night, so who knows how long the remastering of 14 years worth of work will take.

Let's end on a historical note: It was on this day in 1971 that Led Zeppelin's fourth untitled album hit store shelves.