As heard on the February 25th show:


1. Marijuana Safer Than Alcohol

A new study from the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health shows that weed is the least fatal.  The deadliest substance was booze, followed by heroin, cocaine, tobacco, ecstasy and meth.  Weed is still addictive and a possible threat to cognitive function, but the research suggests a strict legal regulatory approach to marijuana instead of the current system.





2. Man Selling Snow from Yard

Do you know what the street value is of your yard?  If this guy's snow peddling is any indication, you could be sitting on a pretty nice chunk of change.  There's a website called and it's owned by a guy in Massachusetts who is selling snow from his yard $89 for six pounds and $119 for 10 pounds and he has actually sold product?!






3. Weird Signs You're Smarter Than Average

Are you the oldest child in your family?  Smoke free?  A cat owner?  And have  you used recreational drugs?  According to a number of studies, these are all signs that might mean you have more going on up top than some.  Even your height and which hand you write with could be hinting at your level of intelligence.





 4. Easy Bake Girl Scout Cookies

This fall, you will be able to make your own Girl Scout cookies!  A toymaker called Wicked Cool Toys, they're working on a new Easy Bake type safe oven for kids that will come with mixes so you can get those Girl Scout cookies you love so much, fresh out of the oven.  They're estimating the oven will sell for $59.99 and mixes anywhere from $6.99 to $14.99.




 5. The Going Price for a Tooth

How much did the Tooth Fairy used to leave under you pillow?  A quarter?  Maybe a dollar?  The average price for a tooth today is a lot higher.  Last year, a tooth brought in $4.36 and in places like New York, each tooth was going for $13.25.  Should have saved our teeth, right?!  That Tooth Fairy was a cheap bastard when we were kids.





 6. Best and Worst Cities for Saving Money

California living might seem like the American dream, but according to a new study, it's the worst place to financially secure your future savings.  In fact, nine of the ten worst cities for saving are in California.  The best place in the United States for saving for your future is ... Portland, Oregon.  Rankings were based on sales tax, home prices, rent, unemployment rates and gas prices.





 7. Jaws of Life Selfie Video

A guy named Andrew MacDonald posted a video on YouTube which shows him after a pretty bad car accident, and what it's like to be inside the vehicle while they are using the jaws of life to crack open the car.   Amazing how calm this guy remains considering he has a broken arm, femur, kneecap, and TWO broken ankles.  OUCH!






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