What started off as a fairly peaceful protest after the death, at the hands of 4 Minneapolis police officers, has morphed into a full scale riot.


George Floyd died a few days ago while in police custody and the four officers involved have all been terminated from the Minneapolis Police Department.  Charges of some kind are expected to be filed against the officers.

Two of the terminated officers were rookies, one has been with the department since '08 and the 4th officer, the one seen kneeling on the neck of Floyd, has been with the force 19 years.

Stores and other businesses are being looted, police cars and fire engines vandalized and buildings set on fire. It's a mess. People were seen running out of a Target store carrying merchandise included clothes, TVs and other electronics.

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One person was seen running down the street with a cash register from a business.  A looter was allegedly shot and killed by the owner of Cadillac Pawn Shop

The National Guard has been called in to try and subdue the rioters.

I totally understand the anger and frustration about what happened to George Floyd. If you've seen the video of the arrest, it's difficult not to be sickened about what happened.

Watch this video and see for yourself what chaos in occurring in the Minneapolis. I only hope things can be brought under control and justice can be done.


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