If you are looking for something that might be a bit more unique for a vacation this summer, consider going to Lake Vermillion in Northern Minnesota and renting a houseboat or a floating cabin.

Lake Vermillion Houseboats Facebook page Facebook.com
Lake Vermillion Houseboats Facebook page Facebook.com

The floating cabin thing is throwing me off a bit... but i's really just another name for a houseboat.  That sounds more secure... the mental visual was not the same.

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Anyway, when you rent one of these houseboats, you have everything you could possibly need, right out the door, or back of the boat, or to the side of it, whatever works for you. Swimming, fishing, just hanging out and enjoying the outdoors... catching some much needed vitamin D, whatever it is, it's all available when you rent a houseboat.

Lake Vermillion is known for crappie and walleye fishing, so if you are into any sort of fishing, this has been a fairly popular place for that.

Their website makes this statement:

No matter your heart’s desire, Lake Vermilion is the preeminent destination for Northern Minnesota vacations.  First-rate fishing, five-star dining, top-rated golfing, and over 40,000 acres of water are all just out your front door and ready to explore when staying at Lake Vermilion Houseboats.

If you are wondering where this is located, it's in Tower, Minnesota.  It's close to most everything you would want to experience in Northern Minnesota.  When you are doing a "staycation", this might be just the thing to consider.  Take a vacation on a houseboat.  Why not?

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