Take a tour of delicious tacos on the Trail of Tacos.  I mean, who doesn't love tacos??  There are all different kinds, like you can just about make any sort of taco to fit whatever your tastes are.  Like I really don't like fish tacos.  Not my thing, but if you like that idea- you can have a fish taco.


First on the list for the Trail of Tacos is Bravo Burrito here in St. Cloud.  YUMMY!  If you have never had one of the Bravo Burrito tacos, or any of the choices they have there- and there really is something for everyone- you are missing out!  Head over there for lunch today!

This Trail of Tacos will take you about 162 miles and about 3 hours.  But you might want to spread this Trail of Tacos over a weekend. Start Friday and wrap it up on Sunday.  Perfect taco weekend.  Minnesota, baby!  Not really where people might think the best tacos are, like this far North.  But we definitely have the taco "goods".

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