Has anything been more popular lately than hard seltzers?  Oh, that and craft beer, of course.  But hard seltzers have really been a thing.  And since the sale of regular beer has actually been on the decline (I still have a hard time believing that), all of the beer companies have been getting in on the hard seltzer game.  In the beginning it seemed like the only options were White Claw and Truly.  Now, there is just a plethora of choice.

PHOTO: Laura Kremers
PHOTO: Laura Kremers

Now, Coors (and the hard seltzer game here is new-ish) is offering a virtual house party for Minnesotans.  And here is the thing... this virtual thing.  When is this going to end?  It's really does seem like there is no end in sight... but I digress.  On with the virtual house party that you can host... if you win.

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And this house party goes on for days.  I guess if it's virtual, it can.  You can just dip in and out at will.  It's scheduled for December 4th through the 6th.

What exactly does this thing entail?  Well, here is what is included on their website:

Hey hard seltzer fans, host an awesome Virtual House Party and introduce your friends to new Coors Seltzer. It's made with a mission to taste good and do good by restoring clean water back into America's rivers with every 12 pack sold.

But remember, you could win a party pack from  Coors Hard Seltzers, but you won't get any actual product... at least the alcoholic kind.  You will receive a party pack that has all sorts of fun stuff in it, but they can't send actual alcohol because of the liquor laws.  But it looks like you will receive a $20 gift card to use towards buying some product and you will also receive some info on Coors Hard Seltzers.

If you want some more info on this.. because, why not, right?  This is where you get that info.  

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