This just keeps on going.  You need to ask yourself if the fines, possible liquor license loss and possible court action is worth it.  For some, the answer may be absolutely.  And for others, the combination of the fines and what they are losing by being shut down could be financially devastating.


The bars in question this time, according to Bring Me The News, after an inspection are:

And apparently Joe's Diner in East Grand Forks was in violation for a second time. There was an inspection on the 17th of December, then there was a follow-up inspection right before Christmas on the 22nd.  Not only were they found to be open which is one violation, but also not following  COVID protocol for  bars and restaurants when they were allowed to be open.  Wait staff not wearing a mask, and no signs advising customers to do so as well.

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I guess I do understand opening and running the risk of legal action, but if you are going to do that you are probably better off to follow the COVID  protocol of being open.  I also understand the issue with wanting to be open when you are a border town like East Grand Forks when right across the state line  bars and restaurants are open.  Like how is that ok and basically a street away it isn't?  Well, probably neither are "ok", it's just that each state is governed differently.

So, the question still remains... is it worth it?




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