I work in an office where we always have interns and part-timers in the building. It still amazes me how little interaction comes from these kids.

If I meet them in the hallway, I rarely get eye contact; definitely not a hello and god forbid should they form a sentence and strike up a conversation. What are we raising? A bunch of no social-skilled kids who only know how to hide behind text messages and facebook? Is that the only way they know how to communicate? No actual eye contact?

A good rule for an intern or someone just starting out in a workplace: say hello to everyone. You never know who that person might be and maybe they’re the one who will give you your big break.

I recently had an intern I had never met walk into my office to set something down on a table. She walked in, looked at the wall opposite of me, set the thing down and started to walk out looking opposite me again. I thought to myself, “This is major bullsh*t.” So I said to her, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, who the hell are you?” “I’m whatever-her-name-was and I’m an intern.” “You know I’m not going to bite you, right? You can say hi to me when you come in here.” She responds with, “Oh ok, hi. Next time I’ll say hello.” She then walked out as I’m thinking, “That’s just great. You’re probably 20-21 years old and I have to tell you when to say hello to someone? WTF.”

I never saw that girl again. Wonder what happened to her…