Here we are, heading into Summer and boating season in Minnesota.  This is something we all normally look forward to... hanging out on the boat, docking it on some sandbar, tying up and hanging out with friends while enjoying some adult beverages.

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This year is going to look somewhat different.  Social Distance does that look?  The DNR has released some guidelines thru an article on KARE 11:

"Prepare as much as you can to limit all interactions," said Lisa Dugan with the Minnesota DNR.

She is asking people to stay on the lake closest to their home, don't tie up boats together, and only have immediate family on board.

"So that would mean not inviting extra guests into your boat, other family members because that's impossible to social distance if you're on a boat," said Dugan.

Well, on the upside, you can go out on the lake in your boat. And that really is the biggest thing, right?  Enjoying the Minnesota lakes, fishing, and enjoying time with your family...your IMMEDIATE family.  It could be worse.  You could NOT go out on the lake.  At least you can do that.  We will see how restrictions will be lifted in the future.  But I am guessing it will be lifter gradually.  We don't want to have to close everything up again after the order has been lifted.


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