Following in the footsteps of Chad Ochocinco and Ron Artest,  a Missouri man is changing his name to honor his favorite band and childhood fascination.

Chad Ochocinco was born Chad Javon Johnson and Ron Artest was in court on Friday to change his name to Metta World Peace and George F. Blackburn will henceforth be known as Led Zeppelin II.

Blackburn says he did it after his divorce because he wanted a fresh start. He figured Led Zeppelin II was the way to go due to his childhood fascination with Zeppelin airships and he was also a big fan of the band Led Zeppelin.

Blackburn Zeppelin says his life has improved "a thousand fold" since the change. His ex-wife chimes in an tells that the name change has won the approval of fans and they will often buy him a drink after learning his name. My guess is that's why his life has improved a thousand fold. He stays drunk all the time. He probably isn't true and likes to ball all day, too.