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Five Best (and Worst) Places For A First Date asked its members where the best place (and worst place) was to go for a first date. If you've got a hot one in St. Cloud tonight, avoid taking her to 'The Butler.' Movies were picked as a bad first date idea, although she might appreciate the air conditioning.
Deadliest Jobs In America
A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that appeared in Forbes, says that 4,383 Americans died on the job last year, led by loggers, fishermen, and pilots. Military personnel did not show up in the top ten, which leads me to believe they were not included in the report.
Men With Beards Look Eight Years Older
According to a story that appeared on Huffington Post, beards make a guys look an average of eight years older than they actually are. And the longer the beard, the older we look. Just take a look at Santa, he's only 92, but looks like he's at least 100.
Men Notice A Woman’s Eyes Before Other Body Parts
Contrary to what we all might think, new research in the Daily Mail shows that men first notice a woman's eyes when they initially meet, before he notices any other of her body parts. And her 'smile' was number two on the list. Fear not, breasts came in third.
Men Say Being A Woman Wouldn’t Hurt Their Pay
We've all heard about the 'equal pay' debate. We often hear about women making less for the same job being done by men, just because they're women. Well, according to a survey in Elle magazine, most men say being a woman wouldn't hurt their pay.
Minnesota State Fair Opens Today
The 2013 edition of the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together’ gets underway today in St. Paul. This year’s fair will see the debut of 50 new foods, Sammy Hagar on the grandstand stage, a load of new attractions, and a hot & humid forecast.
Mankato Salutes Vikings With Bad Singing [VIDEO]
Mankato is pretty proud of the fact that hey have hosted Vikings training camp for almost half a century, unfortunately their video, specifically the singing in the video, might leave the Vikes feeling a bit underappreciated. (Danger: Bad singing ahead.)
Vikings Fans Ranked 18th Most Loyal
I'm going to throw the challenge flag on this story that showed up in the USA Today, ranking the Minnesota Vikings fans 18th most loyal. Just 'being' a Vikings fan makes you 'loyal.' We're certainly not hanging around for all the glory and championships.
What Makes You Mad At Work?
It seems like workplace violence is on the rise. See it more and more in the news. Maybe the results from this study in the Daily Mail reveal some of the things behind people snapping. Here are the top 10 things that make people mad at work.
How To Satisfy Your Husband, 1950’s Style
Back in the 1950's, there were all kinds of manuals (likely written by men) that described to women how to be a good wife, and how to make your husband happy. Ah, the good old days. Here are six tips from one of the classic 'how to' guides.

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